Is God Just A Piece of the Pie?

Is God just one piece of your life or is He the center piece? Since it is Thanksgiving time we will use a pie to try and demonstrate what our relationship (walk) with God should look like.

Draw a circle on a piece of paper. Make the circle (pie) large enough to section it into eight individual pieces. Label each pie piece with some aspect of your life. For example; family, work, church, education, hobbies, finances, grandkids, social activity, networking, etc. Now ask yourself, how does God fit into this pie? Did you label one of the pie pieces God? If we place God in a well meaning section of our life, is that making Him a priority or just another piece of the pie?

How do we make Him the priority in our life? If you labeled a piece of the pie as God, erase that label and make it something else. Now draw a circle around the center of the pie, like a bullseye. This circle should cover a portion of every pie piece. Label the bullseye God or Jesus Christ.

Let us place ourselves in the center of the bullseye in Christ. As we turn clockwise or counter clockwise in the circle looking into each aspect of our lives, we want to have God’s mind concerning every aspect.

As Christians we have the mind of Christ. We are in Christ and He is in us. His mind is to be continuously and increasingly manifested in us as we let the word of Christ dwell (take up its life) in us richly. With the mind of Christ, each aspect of our life is being transformed into harmony with God’s will, resulting in obedience in every part of our life with Him as the centerpiece.

God’s goal or spiritual growth motivation is for the size of the bullseye to increase until it covers the whole pie.

He must increase, but I must decrease.

…let the word of Christ dwell (take up its life) in you richly…

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